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About us

About Ideal

Empowering Students to Create Brighter Future

About Us

Meet Ideal.

True Success.
Wide Network.

We have created an opportunity for our students to get the vibe of a team.

About Ideal International Education

While working together, we found that working in a team is beneficial for self development.

Ideal Proficiency Group

We have this large group where students interact with each other. They share their experience and views with each other. We try to reach them through this. We evaluate their writing, speaking and many more.


Our Team

Ideal team loves challenges. Preparing for a competitive future, we keep up with changing world. Our consultants answer questions; flexible office hours for students & those seeking knowledge.

Business Consultation

We're at Sonir Akhra, 5th floor of Lucky Community Center. Come in and find our seating arrangements. Make an appointment or tell the receptionist and they'll sort you out with a consultant.

Meet Out CEO

Masud Rana

Goals :
Masud Rana is experienced in expanding business with innovative ideas. His mission and vision is to make IDEAL International Education one of the top brands in Bangladesh. His management skills make him different from others. He is maintaining teams in his Company very well and will do so in the future. He conducts seminars and functions for students.

Highlights :
• 10+ years of owning & operating different businesses.
• 8+ years of owning IDEAL International Education.
• 8+ years of career counseling.
• 5+ years of maintaining IELTS Lab.

Expertise :
• Business Management. • Branding. • Student Consultation • Career Development. • Study Abroad Guidelines. Hobbies :
• Traveling. • Cricket. • Arranging Seminars. • Arranging functions for students.

Personal Quote :
"Think Abroad, Think Ideal"

Global Accreditation