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IDEAL makes Duolingo
easy and fun!!

Duolingo is an online test that is needed for students as part of their English Proficiency. IDEAL offers courses to improve your Duolingo English Test score.

Duolingo: Purchase Purchase perfectly and easily.

Practice Test: Test your level by taking a free practice test.

Environment: Know what to do and what not.

Duolingo is accepted by the Universities in the USA

Duolingo is an Online Test

Duolingo is very easy and fun

Practice with IDEAL to get a certified score in your Duolingo English Test

Duolingo Exam Price

The price of the test is only $49. You can take help from us to buy the test.

Duolingo Speaking

We have a Duolingo speaking club. Enroll yourself to improve speaking.

Duolingo Environment

You can take the test from anywhere, however, this exam is a bit sensitive. With proper guidance, it will be easy for you.

Duolingo Course

IDEAL is offering 1.5 months of Duolingo Classes only for 8,000 bdt.

Duolingo Preparation with IIE

IDEAL is making it easier for you by describing the question pattern.

Duolingo Speaking Preparation

Duolingo Reading Preparation

Duolingo Listening Preparation

Duolingo Writing Preparation

Best Duolingo Preparation in Dhaka

Duolingo picture describing

Practice with us and your picture describing issues will be just gone!

Duolingo Speaking

With Ideal courses, your speaking will not be as before. Improve your speaking by practicing with IDEAL.

Duolingo Exam

You will definitely get a full guideline of Duolingo Biometric and Exam instructions.

Digital Classroom

Ideal has a digital lab where you can increase your overall English proficiency.

Duolingo Q cards

In Ideal, you get real exam questions and can practice them to get your desired score in your Duolingo English Test.

Duolingo is fun

There is nothing to worry about. With experienced tutors, you can overcome your fear and take the test easily. Get the result in just 2 days.

IDEAL has game changer courses for your Duolingo English Test

Ideal proficiency group, Digital Lab and experienced tutors are the three most key components of IDEAL. Improve your proficiency only with IDEAL International Education Call Now!

Duolingo Service We Provide

Choose a course or create a custom layout that perfectly suits your needs.







Duolingo Preparation with IIE

Duolingo Speaking Preparation

We will listen to your answers. We will make it more appealing. We will give you an environment to speak.

Duolingo Writing

You get a chance to improve your typing skills. It is very easy with proper guidance and materials. We will make sure you get all those.

Ideal Proficiency group

Share and learn views and ideas in order to improve your score. With Ideal, you are a part of a community.

Duolingo Exam

The exam is almost 1 hour long. In the process, you have to complete a biometric which is very easy with IDEAL guidance.

Duolingo Tips and tricks

It is wise to follow techniques throughout a test. IDEAL is happy to share those. What are you waiting for?

Take practice tests for free on the duolingo Website and understand your ability. Then start taking preparations according to your level.

Definitely, you can. Focus on your goal and strength then it will be easy. Communicate with others often to get new ideas and questions. It will make your core stronger.

Yes you can. Just visit our office, book your seat and you are good to start. In our demo class, you get to know about the Duolingo English Test Question pattern. It is very necessary to know the question pattern first.

No, it is not. I would say it is like a game that you will play on your computer for 1 hour. It is very easy once you start practicing. Also, it takes less time to get a certified result.


Our process applies techniques from a variety of disciplines, values distinction in detail and gives careful

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