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Journey with Ideal to Build a Career You Have Dreamt of.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine.

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IELTS is the game changer

IELTS courses with IDEAL

Speaking Club with 100+

Remember: Practice is the key to get your desired score


We believe in quality rather than quantity. 1:1 evaluation makes sense because we can understand what the problem is and act accordingly.

Books and Materials:

Practice with correct ingredients can make you accurate. We offer Cambridge books and supporting books to continue practice.

Speaking Mock Tests:

Here, you enroll yourself for 3 days at only 500 bdt.

Mock Tests:

Our per mock Test will cost 600 bdt. But as you already know, IDEAL is flexible so if you take 3 of them, then you can buy it for only 1450.


IELTS Service We Provide

Practice the modules with us and become proficient in English Language







IELTS Course foreveryone.

Choose our exclusive courses according to your proficiency level

IELTS Advanced

The best service of IDEAL


This course focuses on practice & more practice

  • 36 classes
  • 3 months

IELTS Foundation

Enroll yourself for 4 months


This course is designed for less proficient students

  • 48 classes
  • 4 months

IELTS Executive

Job & IELTS is not impossible anymore


Night classes only for professionals

  • 36 classes
  • 3 months

Best IELTS Preparation in Dhaka

Overall Guidance

We are trying to make your IELTS journey smooth. Proper guidance in every aspect of IELTS can change the game

Writing and Speaking

In Ideal, you can practice both of these modules any time you want

Books and Materials

We provide free book service for your practice at home. It will be very beneficial for you

IDEAL Proficiency Group

Connect with students from different parts of the country

IELTS registration

IELTS registration: Registration and Payment system is available here in IDEAL International Education

IDEAL Quiz Day

We arrange quiz and weekly tests so that you can understand whether you are improving or not

IDEAL International Education is a complete package for your IELTS Preparation

IELTS is a game changer. Many find it difficult. With Ideal, it will be easy and long lasting. With our regular tasks, you will learn English profoundly. We believe in practice, practice and practice

Case studies

IELTS Preparation with IIE

IELTS Speaking Preparation

We practice speaking in every class. We focus on vocabulary, phrases and many more.

IELTS Reading Practice

We arrange regular reading mock tests and give explanations after the test. We focus on understanding the questions and answers.

IELTS Writing Practice

In Ideal, you will find band 7-8 writing answers and we will help you to analyze them. Following those patterns can be of great help.

IELTS Listening Practice

We have High Quality speakers for listening module practice. Practicing this module with explanation is vital for your desired score.


IELTS is a test designed to understand your proficiency level in English. Following some tips and techniques are a great way to achieve a better band.

The first step is to know the question pattern. Without this, you will not be able to find what you need to focus on. Understanding the question pattern gives a head start. Once understood, you will be able to improve your score. You can research the question pattern from Cambridge IELTS books. You can get the pdf from the internet or buy books from local shops.

IDEAL has an option of Demo Class. You can book your seat for a demo class without charge. In this class, you will get to know how we operate and practice. You will also understand whether IDEAL is suitable for you or not. Our demo class option is available on Sat-Mon-Wed from 5-7.

Well, the answer lies in your practice and confidence. Usually, three months is mandatory from the beginning stage. There are test takers who need only one or two months for their preparation. It totally depends on your practice. To get a good score in the IELTS test, practice is just the key.


Our process applies techniques from a variety of disciplines, values distinction in detail and gives careful

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