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Why Study in Australia Tips you need to Watch out

Study in Australia and experience a unique curriculum with scenic beauty. Understand the ways and views of world leading giant companies and get a chance to intern with your dream companies.

“Success is the result of perfection, hard work, learning from failure, loyalty, and persistence”

Philip Reyes

Why not Bangladesh?

Understand the education system scenario of our country. There are many public and private Universities. However, they need to match the quality of education in Australia. Universities like Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University, Chittagong University, and Comilla University are well recognized in Bangladesh. Unfortunately, the seats are limited and the competition is extreme. Also, the subjects that students want to study still need to be properly researched and practiced. On the other hand, one can gain international knowledge and skills in their desired subject if studied in foreign Universities.

Though top Universities in Bangladesh are recognized around the world, they are not in the list of top global universities around the world. The education system is quite satisfactory. However, practical knowledge is inadequate due to the lack of research facilities. The focus is mainly and mostly given on theory which is definitely one of the negative sides of our education system.

There are some other reasons that made students decide to study in foreign University. For example, the environment is becoming less suitable day by day for study. Noise pollution and excessive traffic on roads are the two most common reasons. Students have to waste a lot of time to reach Universities in Dhaka due to the high volume of traffic. In contrast, the environment is quite appropriate for learning in Australia where many international students study. Many stay at University high-quality dorms. In Bangladesh, the condition of student dorms is absolutely not a cup of tea.

Why study in Australia?

Every year thousands of students study in Australia. Moreover, it is considered worldwide for undergraduate degree education. This has been possible for their high standards of education. Most importantly, Australian Universities have maintained this with great care. From their faculty members to their local staff, from cafeterias to their infrastructures, everything is maintained with great care, making them world-class.

To be honest, only the degree is not important. The main intention is to gain knowledge. In order to get a proper education, a student needs to concentrate on studies. The environment in Australia is perfect for students to study. As I have already mentioned above, in my country, the scenario is totally different. It is very tough to give proper concentration due to load shedding, traffic and sound pollution. Keeping these things in mind, a student desires to study in Australia.

Modern world depends on practical implications and applications. While studying for an undergraduate degree, it is important to understand the subject properly and profoundly. To do such things, performing research on the subject core modules is necessary. Practical learning is essential  because students want to use their knowledge and skills to boost the development process of their native country.

In addition, the aspect that is attractive is that Australian Universities are located in both rural and urban settings. Each offers a unique experience. I believe experience is very crucial in student life. This is the perfect time to gather practical knowledge and improve many skills.

Overall, the reasons to study in Australia are given below:

  • Stable Government, rules and regulations.
  • Peaceful and perfect environment for study.
  • Similar climate conditions as Bangladesh, which will help me to adjust with the new environment easily.
  • Beautiful sights and lands
  • Commitment to providing international knowledge and skills.
  • World recognized subjects.
  • Research facilities that will help me in the long run.
  • Standard quality in their education criteria.
  • Trend to help international students.
  • Extra Curricular activities in Universities.
  • Safe for International Students.

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